Pushed Into Purpose 7 Week Accelerator Course

A step by step guide to help you launch your ideas into your Purpose Platform

Ten years ago I wasn't clear on my purpose. I thought life was about doing what was expected of me: finishing university, becoming a corporate lawyer and getting a good job.

I served in my church and my community, but all of this did not prevent me from hitting a roadblock. That roadblock was wrapped up in insecurities, feeling unfulfilled and purposeless.

So I started on my journey of identifying my God given gifts to align them with my purpose. I spent years removing the barriers that were preventing me from walking in my purpose. I had to take time to find myself, get clear on my desires, invest in the right resources and seek out the right community. After doing all these things within a year I birthed my book Proverbs 31 Woman: More Than The Good Wife. 

Through this experience God showed me that using my voice could empower other women to walk boldly in their purpose. 

So I launched my podcast Pushed Into Purpose and the Pushed Into Purpose Virtual Summit all of which has created a community of over 2000 women who have been empowered to walk boldly in their purpose.

And now I want to share all my steps, secrets and resources with you!

cbg sitting

'We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action' ~ Henry Ling

Yours in purpose,